Eat yourself thin…

image1.jpg…It’s been a good week for shameless touting: The ‘Bookshop Theatre’ at Southwark have been kind enough to take a few copies of The Melting Pot off my hands, and the five copies recently lost in Piccadilly Waterstones’ stock management labyrinth have finally found their way onto the bookshelves (suspiciously changing places with Bernard Cornwell so as to be at eye-level). In addition hits to this blog have increased five-fold in the last three weeks*, I’ve sold another handful via Amazon / work, and to top it all I was acosted by a woman dressed as a panda in Waterloo station this morning.Other bits and pieces:

…Been trying to fathom the algorhythm behind Amazon’s sale rankings. On Friday I sold two copies and jumped 280,000 places! I think it says more about how few books get sold beyond the charts rather than how metioric a rise I am experiencing.

…had a really interesting conversation with two guys in an independent book shop who gave me all manner of ideas / contacts / avenues of enquiry – all of which I’ll be investigating in the next few days (websites, small publishers etc).

…Just realised that this blog entry bears no resemblance to its title…meant to talk about something else…that’s tangents for you!

* roughly a third of the increase can be attributed to people searching Google for definitions of the word ‘Lugubrious’ (used in an entry a few weeks back).


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