Death by Google

Years from now I see myself sitting in a job interview having this blog presented back to me like the incriminating murder weapon in a trial whilst a lackey holds the door open for me to be unceremoniously thrown out into the street.

‘So Mr. Cororan, what interests do you have outside work…beside making sex toys out of chocolate and then blowing them up?’ (See previous blog entry)

I continue to receive (welcome) visitors to this blog via the most bizarre of Google searches: – ‘Scary babies’, ‘Silly surnames’, ‘Catchy monkey’, and the ole favourite ‘lugubrious’ to name but a few. I’ve no idea how indexing or keywords work, but something seems to have recently kicked in.

Similarly – googling my name throws up various disturbing images from the site – run by an old school friend Kieron – I am rapidly becoming unemployable.

In my previous job a dozen or so gents from the helpdesk set up a Facebook group to co-ordinate their night’s out between three different shifts. They named the group ‘Company X Boys’ and even added the company logo – so proud were they of their employer. They then proceeded to post graphic messages about how they were ‘too drunk to do any work’ and how they ‘couldn’t stop staring at X’s breasts’ etc. They used an obscene amount of expletives to the point where their statements were verging on the incomprehensible. The Facebook group was later used in a disciplinary where two of its members were escorted off the premises.

HR had found the group by googling the company name!

…All of which is superfluous flannelling – Google is clearly doing me immense favours.

Onto matters more relevant – another London book group has agreed to read The Melting Pot which is great. Plus – I now have a few contacts with magazines / marketers which are looking promising.

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